Bien Cuit is committed to keeping the traditional skills of baking alive and well for future generations. With this goal in mind, we welcome current students of baking to finish their education at Bien Cuit as interns. Our immersive program is as hands-on as it gets, built to prepare you with the technical skills, workplace experience and confidence you’ll need to succeed in your future baking career. Creating artisanal bread and pastry alongside seasoned mentors and developing bakers alike, you’ll develop the skills of scaling, shaping, scoring, oven operation, mixing of pre-ferments, and much more.

Internships at Bien Cuit last up to several months (dependent upon your school’s requirements) and placements are very limited. We host a maximum of only two interns at a time. New interns are accepted only for spring and summer sessions, and applications must be submitted well ahead of time (see schedule below). Final selections are completed through an interview and site visit process. 


To apply, email a cover letter and resume detailing your educational progress and your interest in artisanal baking to

Spring Session: April–June  

  •    Applications accepted January–March

Summer Session: July–September

  •    Applications accepted May–June

If you are reaching the end of your culinary education and are motivated to pursue an internship at Bien Cuit, we want to hear from you!